Tuesday, May 12, 2009

3 months preggy and still breastfeed :)

I'm already 3 months preggy with my #4.. My #3, who's gonna be 22 months in 11 days time, is still breastfeed.

However, I noticed that he becomes cranky once in a while. I dare not to check whether the breastmilk is still sufficient to his need or not.

From my readings, most women stated that by 5th month of pregnancy, the breastmilk is completely dry up!! By then, my #3 will be 2 years old, and I presume its time for him to wean.

I'll continue our journey once #4 arrives. Tandem nursing, shall we?


kaseh.alphalipid said...

wow! very inspring la yr blog! since i'm a bf mother to 10 mos baby, yr article here sgt2 la membantu esp ble production ter 'kurang'.
btw, jemput singgah my blog..incase u want to try susu Alpha Lipid Lifeline. Good for pregnant mother esp in reducing leg cramp(3rd trimester),tmbah tenaga plus memudahkan proses bersalin.
alhmdulillah...my fmly n i minum as a supplement...

Queenin Murni said...

salam CY! ur #4 still full bf ke?? congratess!!! mcmana u maintain ek? still expressing at the office ke?
i dpt full bf smp sethun jek.. upset pulak rasanyer..

CY3.5 said...

thanks for yr link :)

i'm preggy #4.. #3 masih breastfeed.. tp dah kepada comfort basis saja.. he's more on susu Dutch Lady UHT la ni..

NeroEcha said...

Aku dulu still bf thaqif till adik dia umur 3 hari tapi aku perasan since 6 bln pregnant even dia still bf susu dah tukar mcm air jer cair jer tapi thaqif still nak bf so bg jer ler