Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reminder for Moi

My dear Azri aka Zeri will turns 17 months in a week time.. he's taking 8oz+ per day since he's a reverse cycle baby, eh, toddler :P

Meantime, my day production is getting lower. It's either 5oz, 7oz.. and sometimes 8oz.. Thank God for my frozen stocks which I hope I dont take it for granted.. With current frozen stocks, Zeri can tastes EBM at least until he turns 18 months.. after that, ibu have to, HAVE TO struggle to accumulate EBM for his next day @ babysitter's house.

Our hormones play their roles too.. Since I'm expecting my best friend to come (read: period) I should take Calcium Magnesium which I always forget to take :P 

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